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UnigramPlus (UnigramPlus)

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Add-on description

This add-on adds a lot of hotkeys for quick navigation through the main elements of the window, easy interaction with Chat messages, and also adds many minor improvements that make working in Unigram much easier

Public review comments

Public comments for UnigramPlus
Author's nickname Comment text Creation date
Valentin Hello! I am an NVDA user from Russia. I know this addon from the first versions, I use it. A very useful addon. Now version 2.0.0 has already been released. I have been going to the catalog here many times, but I always see that this addon has not yet been included in the main addon catalog. Thank you all for this catalog of addons! 2021-08-23 15:02:17
jmdaweb Download link does not work, and Add-on URL redirects to Telegram. Please, host it on GitHub or any similar free service which keeps the file permanently. 2021-10-06 14:34:21

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