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adds 3d audio to NVDA (unspoken)

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Add-on description

Unspoken is an addon which replaces types of controls with short 3d sounds. So, instead of hearing link, button etc after a control, you will hear a sound at the same time as the control text is spoken, thereby increasing your efficiency. Also, the sound will be played at the position the control is situated on the screen, helping you understand the app layout. This works best with headphones.

Public review comments

Public comments for unspoken
Author's nickname Comment text Creation date
Comments on how this fork differs from the posted one would be appreciated, as well as the information about original author abandonment if applicable. 2021-08-11 19:09:50
author's report: my addon  works with Automatically set system focus to focusable elements off, only it doesn’t provide 3d positions on the web. Sean’s version didn’t work with that option disabled at all. 2021-08-12 10:49:26

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