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Eloquence Synthesizer (Eloquence)

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Add-on description

This is the eloquence synthesizer for NVDA

Public review comments

Public comments for Eloquence
Author's nickname Comment text Creation date
ivnc the legal situation of ETI Eloquence libraries is under discussion. I suggest not to register this at least until the law compliance of IBM/Eloquence library distribution is cleared out. 2021-08-10 16:04:18
Since no probe on binary legality has been provided, link to nvda-addon file will be removed until further comments. 2021-08-11 19:03:54
x0 This add-on is also probably behind the times. I suggest you take a look at the IBMTTS driver add-on, either by davidacm or the ultrasound1372 fork (mine) for inclusion, they do not distribute the binaries and are therefore legal. I have submitted my fork for review here since David seems to have disappeared again. 2021-08-14 01:13:54

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