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Speech history review and copying (speechHistory)

Available downloads

Available downloads for speechHistory
Version Channel Minimum NVDA version Last tested NVDA version download count since last release update Last release date Download
2021.1 (verified*) stable 2019.3 2021.1 635 1970-01-01 00:00:00 speechHistory 2021.1 (stable)

* Verified: versions that comply with the latest international add-ons community publication processes and are published at the community's add-ons website.


This add-on allows you to review the most recent strings spoken by NVDA, by default using Shift+F11 and Shift+F12. Additionally, you can copy any spoken item to the clipboard by pressing F12. Use the settings panel for the add-on to increase or decrease the maximum number of stored history entries, and decide whether whitespace should be trimmed from the start or end of text. Use NVDA's Input Gestures dialog to change the supplied keystrokes.